I love people and working with them, be it in rehearsal, on stage, in the studio, during vocal coach lessons I give or just in day-to-day life situations. It feels good for me to connect, interact and create together. Every person one works with has another new way of reflecting what one appears to be or is and what is the connection between one another. That is the greatest reason why I am inspired to share and communicate through music!

The Dutch singer Devi Liesbeth Reith (2.11.1982) who lives near Zürich has a warm, deep, strong and intimate voice. She composes and arranges music, writes lyrics and performs in a wide variety of formations. Devi has released her own compositions on the album „The World Is Sound“ beginning of 2015. Her artwork is known to be individualistic, deep, well thought through and emotionally grasping on a lyrical, harmonic, melodic and performed level.

Besides creating her own music, she also loves to perform and explore the grand Jazz, Pop standards of our time. Throughout her music experiences, she has emphasized her vocal studies on the following genres of Jazz, Pop Latin, Brazilian, Funk, Soul, blues, Singer Songwriter, Indian music, Electronica music, Rock, Gospel and Classical music.

Music Projects that moved Devi over the years were: Devis` World of Sound, Felix & Devi (with Felix Utzinger), The Sting-Operation, Spike (with Joe Krieg), Peter Leuzingers band, Cavallo Infernales` Band, Devinition of Sound (Devis` Project), The Kb & D Project, Trigger OCB (with Electronical music with Robert Alonso), The Clockwork (Garys` and Devis` Project), 3times (with Thierry Kuster) Uwe Schenks Band, Rasachants (Simon Krauer Project), The Singing Buddhas, The freedom Family (Robert Lee browns project) Panzer Casern Choir (Stuttgart American military choir) Rückenwind (Thomas Hausers Project), Katharina Busch, Afreaks (with Steffan Charisius), The Wright Thing, Cobblestones funk band, Aggi Bergers Project, Tom Jahns Project, 2Rahm and more.

Strong influences in Devi`s life have been the many different cultures that she has been exposed to while living in the Netherlands, India, Italy, England, Germany and Switzerland. She grew up trilingual while she was strongly influenced by being raised as a commune child.

Through this environment she came in contact with a world of art and creativity and a wide variety of meditation practises. As she was writing her thesis “Healing with singing: an ethnological psychological study from the perspective of the participants”, her view on the way she would want to compose her music was incited. Obviously there isn`t just one style in music that is effective in moving people but generally making or hearing music can create the sensation of flow, boundaries dissolving, empathy and a feeling of being at one. The songs she created evolve out of these mystic experiences and serve to encourage simple enjoyment and growth!

When I sing Circle songs, listen and sing to the different bands I play with or sing in a Church, Temple or a rehearsal room I am deeply moved to sing in accord with people while they talk to you in the language of music. The first time I felt this was when I sang in the great Buddha hall of the Pune Ashram, India when I was five years old. We sang the songs of the Sufi-mystics and the songs newer artists made. Completely different settings like singing at an American military Gospel choir of the Panzer casern re-embarked the same feeling!

The point I feel is: singing and making music together makes everyone come to one accord no matter what religion or race a person has been raised up in, it feels like everyone connects much easier through it because it is the language of the soul and heart. I chose this path to serve and celebrate music together abundantly!