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New record »Blue Print«

Strong, affective, intense songs, touching the intellect and the heart: The band Devi`s World of Sound shows many faceted compositions on the new album „ Blue Print“, enriching the calling for poetic melodies & complex rhythms to take off! The guitarist Felix Utzinger & the singer Devi Reith compose songs of deep connection aiming to hit core being. The great rousing, stirring entourage Adrian Frey on the Piano, Mischa Frey on the Bass & Marcio de Sousa on the Drums, are a musical dream come true!

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Blue Print

The sky is full with our thoughts
And when it starts to rain down on the earth
All these ideas begin to grow and show like the flowers bloom
All these ideas they live
Though some may die
But many live and they love, oh yes they love
That is the blue print of time Inspiring dreams and all our thoughts, materialize!

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CD »The World is Sound«

Anspruchsvolle Songs, die trotzdem ganz nah und direkt sind: Mit „The World is Sound“ beweist Devi Reith, dass Melodie und Tiefe zu einem Guß werden können. Die charmante Weltenbummlerin vereint Leichtigkeit und Avantgarde - abseits der gängigen Klischees der Pop-Musik. Die gebürtige Niederländerin geht dabei ihren ganz eigenen Weg: Irgendwo zwischen Soul, Jazz, Gospel, Mantrischer - und Weltmusik - vermittelt sie mit ihrer unverkennbaren Stimme und individuellen Art, Songs zu schreiben, die Idee „The World is Sound“.

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11. October 2019


Our music has arrived! Yuhuuuu! ♥

26. September 2019

Blue Print

Yes, task accomplished! We sent all our work to our Label Unit! 1 of November is the release of our new album "Blue Print", 8 November we have our ALBUM RELEASE PARTY in Mehrspur Toni-Areal at 8:30 PM! Please save the date and come and join us with your friends. The amazing band Adrian Frey, Felix Utinger, Marcio De Sousa and Mischa Frey are playing in Devi`s World of Sound.

23. September 2019

Thank you to our great group the sting operation and thanks to my sweet friends, who I really enjoyed seeing and talking to at the B-flat! Thank you for coming round: Niti, Hiro, Kunji, Charu and sweet Zoe.

»Healing songs – an ethnological study«

Degree dissertation 2010

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Blue Print

And when you play your guitar
The melodies rise high above the earth
I see them spread their mystic veil upon our souls and lives
I see them reach the sky before the storm
When the rain falls on the earth
It’s singing a song of the blue print
It is the blue print