Sting Operation

There are countless pieces of music that practically everyone recognises – often without knowing where from. The jazz project STING OPERATION has been poaching in this realm for some years, using musical common property as a starting point for unconventional interpretations.

For their latest program, the band have addressed the legendary 1969 music festival Woodstock. This event, surrounded by many myths, initially also influenced jazz musicians (such as Miles Davis). In addition, an astonishing number of jazz, blues and gospel classics were performed at Woodstock.

For their new programme Woodstock Jazz, STING OPERATION dissect songs like Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix), Evil Ways (Santana) and One Day At A Time (Joan Baez), then put them together to form new interpretations, rooted in jazz.

The operating team: Devi Reith (vocals), Felix Straumann (sax, composition), Matthias Siegrist (guitar), Peter Leuzinger (bass) and Peter Preibisch (drums).

Sting Operation plays Woodstock Jazz

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Somebody to Love

One Day at a Time

Food for Love

Purple Haze

See me, Feel me

Every Breath You Take


Fortress Around Your Heart

So Lonely